Things Us Women Hate Hearing

UGH. Now that i’m becoming an adult im already aware of what we hate or what. And since I’m not like the rest, the slightest thing can tick me off so bad that it takes an hour to forget it. (Yes, true! HAHA)

But from what i’m reading, a lot of women also hate what i hate. Here are some things to never say to a girl or else she’ll hate it. For me, I’ll hate it and also you. But don’t worry only for a couple of days love ❤

”If you lose weight you’ll be so pretty.” Come on! Stop pressuring us about our bodies because we really try our best to take care of them.

”Those free drinks must be amazing.” Don’t always depend on people to buy you drinks, girl. Work your butt off and prove them wrong. Goes with food too.

”You changed your hair.” Does it mean you like it or not?


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