Only Emo Weepies Will Understand This

I’m an overthinker, to be honest. Probably that’s why i get all my ideas i share with all of you here. But what does overthinking do at the end of the day? HAHA. Believe it or not, it makes you cry and feel sad. Since my head may explode if i constantly think, i just promise myself to cry it out at night. 😉 YEAH, EMO KID I AM. 😐

What usually sums up for us emos? Here are some things we can totally relate to.

1. ”Calm down” never works for us. But to be honest, it works for me sometimes. Probably because, admit it or not, independent chickas like us still need comfort.

2. But it makes you self-conscious at least. You know your feelings and know who you are. Good girl there. *pat on the back*

3. Overly sensitive is just a ”normal feeling”. Makes you more popular for you get to hang with friends more to forget your problems. ❤


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