First Ever Interview: Anne Carly Abad

Hi guys! 😀 this is the first time i’m going to interview somebody. Based on what you guys have read i haven’t interviewed anyone yet but let me introduce my guest star.

She is an amazing writer who never fails to make anyone smile, show passion and dedication to her work, and never gives up no matter the challenges. Despite her tough childhood, she was able to graduate from Ateneo De Manila University, get a steady job, and now has a recurring blossom in her garden: writing. Follow her here on:

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Anne Carly Abad.

How do you show love to your readers with your writings?

AA: I write with my best effort so that my readers always get my best work when they do.

How do you respond to bashers and haters?

AA: I ignore them. (laughs)

The writer with her boyfriend Victor


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