Girl Fights: Crying Over Spilled Coffee

I have tons of friends and even though you don’t want to admit it, you get into the worst fights sometimes. Thank God i barely did for some secret reason, and if i did, it was short-lived because we know it’s better to forgive and forget rather than stay grudges. And even if i never thought they would forgive me, they still did like a true friend would ❤

So anyway, what do friends usually fight about? Here’s the deal:

Sports Teams-It’s no big deal and not against you too, so don’t worry. Usually like a courtroom they usually argue about the differences and faults of their victims (teams.) HAHA

Where To Eat-This never gets old because you always never forget that line when you talk. Usually when you’re hangry you tend to fight and bicker like old women about one little thing. -__-

Being Late-Everyone does this once in awhile, even the most professional people. During church band practice sometimes the song leaders arrive the latest. There’s a rule that is never followed thankfully: paying a fine when late

Who was late here? LOL
Who was late here? LOL

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