Sexiest Preggo Eva: Low Fat Coffee

Sarah Stage is currently 8 months pregnant with her first child. (Aw, thought it was 3rd or 4th. More credit would have been given then. Oh well.)

But seeing her, you wouldn’t believe that she is! Her belly is probably just as big as mine, everyday after devouring tons of delish food. 🙂 She reminds me of our church mate Lisa, who wasn’t as well during her last pregnancy with Baby Ysabel.

“I legit look like this right now after eating a bowl of soup,” one user wrote while another added, “She needs to feed that baby instead of worrying how to keep her figure.” ALWAYS my excuse whenever someone tells me I’ve gotten fatter.

Every woman’s body is different and so their metabolism, but hers is extreme as she can keep up with her workouts EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 🙂 Now is different but when I’m preggo…uh, we’ll see.

While preggo, she’s even lighter than me. Can i ever become that light? Well we’ll see when the time comes. And her husband, i can just imagine how impressed he is with his sexy wife. But according to Mayo Clinic, it all depends on YOU because, as my mom told me, ”A lady is a lady no matter what.” And true ladies know the proper amount of foods to eat.

Pregnant vs. Not pregnant. Who wins? LOL jk
Pregnant vs. Not pregnant. Who wins? LOL jk

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