How To Ruin A Good Night’s Sleep

Good morning! 🙂 How was your sleep? I can say mine was pretty good because of the new devotional book I got. One passage told me to think of how much God loves me when i snuggle down in my sheets. Oh yes, he loves all of us and accepts us. ❤ That’s one more thing i learned.

If you want more sleeps like mine last night, here are some tips to follow. Speaking of sleeps 12 more before the 1D concierto!

1. If you lie down for no reason when it’s time to sleep, it may be associated with anxiety. Reminds me of this little dog in the grooming parlor who was abandoned. 😦 No wonder she lies with her eyes open, it’s because she wakes up all alone.

2. Many countries make naps part of their tradition. (In the Philippines/Spain it’s Siesta.) If you have no problem sleeping, than go and do so! Unfortunately i have to lessen mine because i find it hard to fall asleep at night. (I don’t though. HAHA)

3. Alcohol at night may force you to be a little drowsy, no matter what the adults do. Nicotine, the drug associated with, may cause you not to sleep and lay awake. If ever you want to join the fun, save it for vacation times like me and my family in Baguio/Batangas 🙂

For kids i know but im still one at <3
For kids i know but im still one at ❤

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