How To Care For Sneakers

I only have one pair of sneakers. ONE single pair of pink and black VANS, which i adore to bits and pieces. To be honest I’m not a fan of sneakers, probably because my feet get sweaty easily and need to breathe quite often. But for PE, you can’t wear school shoes right? Or else you’ll end up falling. HAHAHA

My mom though thinks it’s a waste and tells me once in awhile, ”You’re not wearing your sneakers. Why don’t we just give them away?” Aww, my sensitive mommy. ❤ Don’t worry you’ll see how much i love them as i learn to take care of them from this article.

1. Don’t leave them in hot places such as the garage. They’re going to get rusty and wear out easily if you do.

2. Erasers are good for cleaning shoes. Perfection! Now Mom doesn’t need to spend extra hours scrubbing away the dirt.

3. Baking soda in coffee filters take away all the dirt and sweat. No need to sprinkle the whole package, i.e. go through your entire packet. There are better things to do with baking soda, e.g. cakes, cupcakes lol hahahha



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