Why Black Coffee Is Nice: Cebuana Dammes

Last year’s sembreak, I went to Cebu and fell in love all over again. ❤ Actually I’ve already gone there a few times when i was younger but when you haven’t seen something in a long long time it’s definitely new and improved. 🙂 The beaches were cuter, the sand was whiter, and there were more and more parks and amenities, such as the oldest BPI Bank. We just stopped by Magellan’s Cross,which was surprisingly there!

I like to focus on the people more and what i think about them. Cebuana girls are some of the prettiest girls and the kindest too. 🙂 Take mega star Kim Chiu for example, she joined Pinoy Big Brother to raise money for her siblings and parents. And these days, look how many (less) people do that. Learn more about Kim here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Chiu

What else makes Cebuana girls unique? Find out here.

1. It’s hard for them to fluently speak in Filipino, thus making them the provincial socialites. If ever they talk another language, it’s Cebuano. ❤

2. Their social networking sites are bound to have at least 4 friends in common since their place is so small they know everyone. If I just lived there permanently, i wouldn’t have to deal anymore with forgetting names and awkward situations. HAHA

3. Only 2 malls, thus they know EXACTLY where they are headed. The names of the 2 malls are SM (Supermalls) and Ayala. (We also find the two in Manila as well, wherein there are a LOT of them.) No more asking, ”Where do we meet again? TriNoma, East?”

4. Like all Filipinos, they eat with their hands. 🙂 There is nothing wrong with this especially if you live in the province where people are less formal. In Manila it would be considered vile, especially for my Grandmother and Super Strict Cousin Andre. 😉

Our last stop before the airport.
Our last stop before the airport.
I love the jacuzzi at Ibiza Night Club <3
I love the jacuzzi at Ibiza Night Club ❤

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