Concert Essentials: Rules and What To Bring

I’m sooooo excited! ❤ 1D’s concert is in 13 days and I can’t wait to sing along, dance, cheer, and support the lovely British band who first introduced themselves with songs ”One Thing” and ”What Makes You Beautiful”. And the latter totally relates to them because they are beautiful inside and out.

I’ll be preparing very well–my clothes and merchandise are ready. I even brought my little pink clutch to keep all my valuable belongings but sadly I can’t bring a poster along. (The last time i did, the guard confiscated it. And that was Justin Bieber’s concert circa 2010.) With just a few stuff i guarantee nothing will be lost and i’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie. This is another documented feature of my life i will never forget ❤

The following are essentials:

Sweatshirt-Sure, it’s summer and getting hotter. Right now I’m suffering heatstroke what i do every March. 😦 sucks so bad! Anyway, it’s a necessity because if it’s indoors, it can get chilly at times and if it’s outdoors, the night breeze hits you.

Snacks and drinks-For me, i support the concession stands as much as i can. 🙂 Once there was even a large statue of a Buwaya (Philippine crocodile) and i was able to touch it and get new merchandise. You, on the other hand, may want to save money so instead you can bring some Gatorades or chips to eat in the middle of songs/listening to their speeches.

Hair tie-My mom requires I tie my hair every day so i definitely will! I guarantee because of the sweat your hair will get frizzy so make sure to keep it out of your face. And sporting a colored tie will make you look cooler! Bonus points if it’s merchandise of the band you’re watching.

One of my fave sweaters!
One of my fave sweaters!
One packed venue this March 21!
One packed venue this March 21!

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