He still hasn’t called/PMed/texted me back! What can I do?

Hey girl, i know exactly how you feel. Whenever i had this question stuck in my head i spent the whole day thinking of it. Spent the whole day thinking if he liked me. Spent the whole day thinking if i did something wrong. Even BLA BLA BLA about it on occasion. -___-

But chill! It’s not that he doesn’t like you. As my dad tells me, ”You’re always worried about everything, you’re like your Aunt Tsin.” Yes, that’s true. I always want everything spic-and-span and can’t rest until it is. When something is wrong, i sometimes can’t sleep thinking about it for hours. But thankfully Bollywood dancing and this have created some alone time for me. ❤ Anyway, back to the main: maybe he’s just too busy, no load, or simply not in the mood. My favorite magazine once told me ”It may be a signal from a guy saying ‘I’m busy’ or ‘I’m not in the mood to talk.’ And you know how teen mags know so well. ❤

More things to take your mind off distraction are…

1. BFF Bonding Sesh! I’m so excited for tomorrow evening with my best buddy Raya. ❤ We may see Gangnam Blues and have our nails painted. (I’ll probably write about it tomorrow.) Also I’m anticipating our LONG LONG convo to make up for National Unplugging Day.

2. Study instead. YES, STUDIES FIRST WOMEN. 🙂 Use your worrying time and release your energy through something useful. Like my friend Kim, you can do 3 hours a day if you feel it.

3. Watch a new movie. Since i mentioned already about my friends, bond with family. Take your baby cousins out to see something that your crush would watch. (Plus points if they get to talk about it with him!)

Kimmy such a cutiiieee
Kimmy such a cutiiieee
I love how Eastwood looks at night. <3
I love how Eastwood looks at night. ❤

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