Harrison Ford Survives Plane Crash

72-year-old Harrison Ford was caught up in a plane crash and injured recently. According to reports the plane’s engine malfunctioned, causing it to mix up functions and finally lose consciousness. (Even inanimate objects are somewhat alive.)

But Harrison was not. Ever bloody and not his usual self, he was rushed to the hospital where, thank god, his condition didn’t reach even the POOR button on the scale. But he sadly suffered a broken arm and head injury, wherein the latter could be quite devastating. Wouldn’t be the actor he once was before 😦

He is expected to make a full recovery though! What a miracle, this is another incident which shows that he’s one example of a man who doesn’t give up. 🙂 See what not giving up does to you? Keep in mind it’s good for your health and recovery no matter what situation! Plus two very fine doctors are taking care of him. You’re definitely in good hands, Uncle Ford.

The plane crashed after a single startup on the golf course shortly after take off from Santa Monica Airport. They clipped the top of the tree as their safety point to the airport.

According to Joe Justice, President of Justice Aviation, they’re very wise to put golf courses nearby as it’s the one place that saves the lives of many pilot crashers. Federal Aviation Administration will check all the parts carefully.

Say a prayer for Uncle Ford.
Say a prayer for Uncle Ford.
I'd rather see how he is on the right rather on the left :(
I’d rather see how he is on the right rather on the left 😦

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