5 Peso Coffee: How To Start Living Money Smart

Good morning! 🙂 just came from math again and thank god our prof forgot to return our papers lol. (Would’ve freaked out just getting a hold on mine!) Anyway, today’s starter is how to start living wisely and saving my money.

I don’t really buy magazines and stuff unless it’s totally needed for school or projects. The magazines i read are usually just open copies at the bookstore (sometimes the library which we will discuss later!) and i buy fancy stuff only when there’s a special need for it. E.g. Mom bought me 1D perfume from Hong Kong for their concert in 17 DAYS!! 🙂 Yahoo am so excited. You’ll see more pictures of me and Nicky here. ❤

What stuff can you save up on? What are better alternatives? Read on..

1. Befriend your local library. We don’t have one but we wish in our condominium we did. 😦 Thank god university has somewhere i can chill and read.  Anyway, if you want to pick up the latest issue of something go check it out because borrowing is absolutely free!

2. Reduce your chances of eating outside home. It’s impossible for me to avoid it because every single day i am at work and you gotta grab the latest McDonald’s meal. But try eating in once a month and watch your bank account grow.

3. Less gas, happy environment. Bike/walk if the destination is only a few minutes away. Going car less saves gas and prevents you from growing up CARELESS about the environment. (No pun intended.) Speaking of which, Dad needs to get me a bike so i can join my family every Sunday for biking at UP. (I may write about that soon.) Grrrrr gimme one nowwww! HAHAHAHAHA.

Fave chillspot (aside from IRC!)
Fave chillspot (aside from IRC!)
Maybe imma eat ya later or sometime...soonest. HAHA
Maybe imma eat ya later or sometime…soonest. HAHA

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