Venti Cold Black Forest: SUMMER SUMMER! (part 2)

Summer’s approaching, and that means more and more time to spend with our families and friends! 🙂 Learning more and more about fun things to do this summer gives me 2 options: TRX Class or Trumpets Playshop! Boy i do miss Trumpets for it’s been years since I’ve attended there and done plays, sang, and showcased my talents. ❤ First time i attended i was 11.

But what if you’re stuck at home, either because you have no driver or summer activities cost too much, don’t feel bored. Here are some fun tips:

1. Catch some fireflies. Unfortunately these species are very rare here in Manila: only in the provinces can you find them. ❤ Provinces really do have such beautiful lights. But for those in the US, punch some holes in a jar, add some fruit or grass for moisture, and you’re off!

2. Make a traditional lobster roll. Go to the market and search the freshest lobster meat you can find. Use hotdog sandwich buns lined with butter for the bread and TA-DA! your roll is ready.

3. Cut jeans shorts. Summer can be really hot–perfect excuse to wear shorts! 🙂 Most of the time i do since legs are quite think. (HAHA!) but i’ve never made jeans into them


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