Raspberry Tea: How To Talk To Shy Dudes

As we all know, dudes are one of the most outspoken people categories of the world. They say what they want, aren’t ashamed to be as loud, and live their own life–possibly the life that us girls wish we could right. Oh, if only there were less strict parents and loose rule.

But there are also some dudes that are so handsome but oh-so-shy. Don’t mistake this for weakness but they don’t go to parties, social settings, usually prefer to hang out alone. Wait! Before you jump into getting to know them better without much difficulty, here are some tips. Caution: You may appear scary if you act like you’re already close to them on the first bet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Invite him to a moderately-sized group get together. That’s an easy way to get any guy, shy or outgoing. But if he’s REALLY shy (painfully) then you ought not to convince him since he won’t be that comfy around you. Crushes are in church though so no need.

2. Stop asking every minute ”Are you okay?” or ”What’s wrong?”. They’re already sensitive of their natural face expression so rubbing it in won’t do any good. Even me sometimes when i’m tired i hate people asking what’s wrong.

3. Get to know each other alone. Shy dudes are more comfy around one to two people. Even me, a socialite, would rather have one to two friends for there i can stress less, clean less, and just listen more and more. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ideal would be a Beach Party for 3. (Maybe i’ll write about that soon.)

Wonder who should be in the middle? Candy cuties?
Wonder who should be in the middle? Candy cuties?
When i have kids, she'll hang with her shy BF like..
When i have kids, she’ll hang with her shy BF like..

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