One Caramel Frappucino for Kat! : #DearMe Campaign

The latest campaign titled Dear Me wants to boost the confidence of girls who are feeling upset about their bodies, faces, and everything in between. Or not All About The Bass ala Meghan Trainor. (Haha! She is pretty awesome despite what others say.)

It’s normal to want other people to like you for who you are. Growing up in a school where everyone else was different from me, i wanted to be the best i could and try to fit in. But since i said i was the only socialite, i would be compromising my standards for others who had to learn to be more like ME. Sorry for the pride, but that was the reality. But I’m just myself and i’ve gained loads of friends from it. ❤

I’m in my quarter life crisis currently, not knowing what to do in the future aside from continue my culinary path and pursue my restaurant business. To solve it though, i promised myself to get on our university’s radio and pursue DJ-ing. As passionate as it seems im watching old audition videos of other people to get ideas on what they might ask me and stuff.

Sometimes i don’t want to feel how i’m feeling or cry. But then this campaign will change me and tell me it’s okay, it’s normal, you’re human. Crying and feeling are two things that make us stronger. 🙂 Speaking of the campaign here are a few tweets entitled my caption. HAHAHA

#DearMe Having your heart shattered is going to make your life incredible. Trust me.

the right person comes into your life when you stop looking & really fall in love with yourself.

: That guy down the hallway two years your senior? You’re now way out of his league ;).

My own personal tweet awhile ago for a bonus rap:  always focus on your studies and be the best girl you can be! 🙂 obey your parents, help at household chores, and just learn 😉

Go and log on if you have a Youtube account
Go and log on if you have a Youtube account

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