Let the kids fly, let them make their own life

Didn’t know it was quite ”normal”. Thought ALL kids 18 and above move away from home.
Only applicable in the US though.

Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

There are way too many kids still living with their parents in this country or maybe way too few. Some people think that living with your parents is a good thing. But I’m not sure.

One of the professors at the university tells me that two of his adult children are living at home. They have both graduated from expensive universities and have top notch educations. The family lives in a two bedroom condo, but the kids still live with their parents. For the mom it’s great. She has someone to fuss over, but for the kids, it may not be the best possible thing.

That’s the question with adult children, what do you encourage them to do? Or maybe we adults should all get out of the way. It is my opinion that parents often suggest that kids do whatever is most beneficial to themselves. It’s not all about…

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