Double Cherry Frappucino: Why It’s Best To Date A Guy You’ve Known Ever Since Birth

Okay, maybe not since birth. After all you really didn’t form relationships with guys in your preschool did you? Maybe some. ❤ The time i started to actually consider boyfriend-girlfriend relationships was when i was in elementary, preferably grade 4–10 years old. 10 is the usual time of puberty after all so it was right smack.

But why is it best to date guys you’ve known since forever, not just the ones you meet in parties or what? Why is it important to get to know a guy better? My answer is this: They are mysterious creatures and sometimes seem nice on the outside, but inside they can be jerks and monsters who will rip to shreds every. single. part. SOMETIMES only though, take note of the key word. Also they may not have the mental capacities to take care of you just by looking at them from the outside. :\

1. You can be weird in front of each other ALL YOU WANT. He’s right there with you, no matter if you want to eat a burger patty first, dance around like an idiot, or scrape cheese off the pizza. xDD

2. He knows what you’re insecure about (but doesn’t give a damn). No matter how much you ask him questions/nag him about something because you’re paranoid, he’ll just listen listen listen. Have to keep it to a limit though, because my HS friends hated me for always begging to be included.

3. No need to feel insecure on past relationships. His dating map? You memorize it like a short impromptu speech for class. :))))

Y u close so soon? :'(
Y u close so soon? 😥
My best bud Oliver, who is just as weird as me!
My best bud Oliver, who is just as weird as me!

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