Caramel Macchiato with Sprinkles on Top: Truths About Sitcoms

Girls like you and I watch a lot of TV. Actually TV has been my latest addiction so far, starting from when i believed i should expose my mind to more than what i read in magazines/books. The best news comes straight up from the boob tube!

Personally, favorite things to watch are reality shows and news, while i stumble along a sitcom or two. The two most recent ones are Carrie and Vampire Diaries. (I was about to put them in two phrases, until i remember grammar rules. HAHA) While they’re fun they also teach us good lessons. 🙂 Carrie Diaries teaches you to experiment with fashion/be yourself while Vampire Diaries has slight hints on family love and sacrifice.

1. We don’t really see them studying, rather picking up their phone and constantly texting/on their laptop using Facebook. Not even when their mom comes in. Tsk tsk. What kind of college life are you holding for? 😦

2. Fancy buffets are a hit here. There’s always time for breakfast even if you’re stuck in heavy traffic. Remember the recent Facebook quote: ”You’re late as hell, might as well grab breakfast or something.”

3. Vanity. No matter what you’re up to/what’s waiting for you, beauty is important. You see how the characters of Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Carrie (as I said, it’s about fashion!) manage to look so picture perfect? ❤ x


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