Coffee Shop Soothing Music: AJR’s new album Living Room

A 13-track album was recorded and produced by this boy band called AJR in their apartment somewhere uptown. (Guess where? Haha!) Idolator ( commented on their song Infinity saying that it has a chill beat but a powerful sing along chorus. The group’s first were The Today Show and X Factor.

Let’s meet the band first. I’m going to introduce 3 young hot superstar boys: Adam (bass/vocals), Ryan (guitar/piano/vocals), and Jack. Their names=AJR. ❤ x Their first and full length album is to combine new releases against newly printed beats/sounds in order to inspire creativity in all of us/show that music has hope. 🙂

They got their start playing on the streets of their uptown city. Fine, I’ll reveal where: New York. They were raised listening to 50-60 music and yeah. From Beach Boys to Imagine Dragons, these guys can be anyone they want to be. ❤



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