The Little Cherry on Your Whipped Cream: Gerard Butler is engaged!

Since the past June-July, actor Gerard Butler had been dating his beautiful S.O. Morgan Brown. Last Sunday according to sources, she was spotted with an expensive diamond ring while taking a stroll in her hometown in California. The ring of my choice!

Usually known as a womanizer after going up on this woman last year, he finally may be ready to settle down. According to him, his relationship with Morgan is like no other and doesn’t want it to end.

He even stopped his drug practice for a special relationship. See ladies, a guy will do ANYTHING if he really loves you. But you have to do your part too: Morgan put him on a diet to make him fitter full of green juices/healthy recipes. I need a guy who will inspire me to workout and continue my healthy living. Ever since I started, I’ve felt more free and lighter!

Right woman, right life. See how important it is to find someone who will fix you but also love you, care about you, and properly/formally propose to you, i.e. really make big efforts. ❤ I salute Morgan and Gerard!

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