Strawberry-Mocha Flavored: What To Do When Your Crush Is There

I admit i’m not the most confident person. Whenever cute guys approach and i start to talk to them, i can’t help but wonder ”Does my hair look great?” or ”Is there something sticking out of my dress?” (You know what i mean on the latter!)

From experience though, they’re just pretty cool and don’t give a damn or anything. Writing this post, i realized something: beauty is on the inside. Sure I’ve always known that but what i’m saying is, if you know how to act confident and upstart they won’t notice your hair, bulges, or zits. (Ugh zits! Hell week downside.)

You may ask, how can i do just that? (Don’t worry, girlfriend, that’s a question I’ve been asking all throughout teenhood, but only took it seriously before graduating high school.) 🙂 Worry no more here are some tips!

1. Make them confused by acting like you hate them. Yes, you read that right! When you act like a snob or uptight they’ll wonder ”What did i do?” and maybe start to confront you about it. ❤ x YEEES girlfriend great opportunity!

2. Ask for advice. This works if you’re in the same group and stuff. Whenever i need a little push or something to motivate me to do better, my boys always are there with great advice. According to Candy Magazine ( Remember?) boys have hidden wisdom we just need to look for. 😉

3. Don’t tell them your life story. What i mean by that is don’t tell them EVERY little detail about yourself, e.g. how you hit your head awhile ago on the corridor or your cat’s stinky poop. Talking about sports or academics will grab his attention and carry (hopefully) an hour-long conversation. ❤ xxx 3 kisses for that one. Save other stuff for later.

Thanks to these stuff though, I’m okay as can be! 🙂 Although I want to continue my healthy living FOREVER.

I use the middle one.
I use the middle one.

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