Starbucks Drive Thru: Things That Can Actually Be Delivered (aside from coffee!)

Don’t we all love drive thru? Where you can just sit and relax and wait for your order to come peacefully in your vehicle. Only thing though is enduring the heavy traffic=boredom. UGH please will this take 83407387568 years?!

I love them. Whenever me and my family are too tired to eat somewhere on the way home, we stop by the nearest McDonald’s and grab a bite. If you haven’t tried their new fish fillet then go try the Double. Perfect for sharing or eating alone (if you’re not on a diet. HAHA!)

Speaking of delivery here are a few more things that can be delivered:

Massages-I always love them when I’m about to sleep and the masahista is like ”Goodnight, baby.” Someone actually said goodnight to me aside from my family? Oh yeah. You can book an appointment by calling this number in just a minute!

Pizza-Duh! Who hasn’t ordered pizza before? But you can order pizza online now believe it or not. When my friend ordered online, she was even offered a new album of Daniel Padilla (current endorser). YAHOO!

Laundry-Pay as you go! You can hunt down anything as long as you like since you’re in the comfort of your home money pockets.


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