Black Forest Birthday Cake: Happy Birthday Candy Magazine! <3

Happy birthday to my one and only teen magazine! We’ve gone through so much in life, from grade school to college. Because of you i got to expose myself to the latest trends, gossip, and artists.

Sorry that I’m not able to collect you because i’m quite broke (HAHA), but i always try to read open copies in the bookstore. Sorry that i’ve neglected you and put you down when i was busy figuring out DEEP stuff, much more than the stuff you write. 😥 I’ll try to become a better person because of you today and tomorrow.

Let me just say your current issue is amazing! Sooo amazing, swear. You prepared us on One Direction, helped us feel good about ourself, and cautioned us about drugs and not what to do with them. :”) Why am i mentioning about One Direction? Because, in 19 days *insert fangirl screams here*  they’re coming here to Manila. UGH can’t contain my excitement. uhfhloglsfhgsdfhgfgfgjhffh please stop it. STOP.

I LOVE YOU!!! ❤ xx don’t ever change. And don’t EVER stop publishing. Or else i’ll die. 😦 well thats kinda true.

From this...
From this…

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