Mocha Frappucino for Two: How To Be a Perfect Couple

I have never had a boyfriend, although I always dream of having the perfect one. The one who will love me despite my flaws, mental abilities, and who I am. Okay, I am not a bad person but everyone dreams of having the perfect one. ❤ The perfect one to keep, which reminds me of the song I will be singing on Tuesday for our talent show.

Social events always do something for me. Whenever i’m out in a place where I’ll meet dudes, I’m like this:


or when things get too far, this:


But when the day finally comes? Hopefully I’ll be someone you’ll appreciate and love no matter what. If you’re thinking the same thing here are some tips.

1. Be giving. What belongs to you is also your partner’s and vice versa. When you’re single, one perk is getting everything for yourself, but not when you’re in a relationship. Bonus: you get to make your extra space at your S.O.’s place like what Taylor Swift said in her song Mine.

2. Love what they love. Visit your S.O’s family, friends, and try to get along with their likes or interests. Hopefully my cousins and family will love bae and care for him, especially he’s used to so much CARE since he’s the only child like me.

3. Don’t be jealous. It’s normal to want all the attention for yourself, but don’t overdo it and act clingy. At a party, for example, don’t be jealous when he talks to other girls. Allow him his private space and FRIENDS. Who knows, maybe they’re not his flings?


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