Brownie Bites: How To Entertain Children (Any Age!)

I’m a girl with lots of cousins. 50/50-meaning half are teens and half are kids. The kids are just adorable! Although I admit I don’t always appreciate their naughtiness and bad manners, I got to admit children are a blessing and they are always cute no matter what.

I hope this post will help me make them happy and get the TV back. (Ugh, kids of this generation. Sometimes tech is what keeps them addicted.) Even if i don’t get the TV back, i hope i’ll be a better friend to them and get inspired by their cuteness. (LOL jk. I’m kinda old to be ”cute”) Actually they’re hogging the TV with Toy Story and I can’t get it no matter what. TT

1. Play with them in the bath. (Works for kids up to 5.) Give them one or two toys, preferably a rubber duck or a toy submarine. Help them use their imagination and pretend that the shower water is a storm/bath is a peaceful river. You can even add some bubbles and call it a ”bubbly sea”

2. Do an art project. I swear I’m pretty lazy when it comes to art projects, but i’m waiting for the day that I’m actually doing something for school and they come up. Mouth will be bursting with ”Sean, can you glue this on?” or ”Matthias, put the eyes on the doll for me!”

3. Bubbles. Oh, they really love them! When me and my fellow babies (now me and my teen cousins!) were young, our aunt would also blow bubbles and watch us chase them around. Malec though was quite the villain and would hit me when i would pop more bubbles. šŸ˜¦ Tsk tsk. Okay, fights are part of everything when you’re a kid. HAHA



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