Those Little Things At The Bottom of the Cup: Meet The Newest Barbie Doll

A new Barbie has been released by Mattel and it’s not the ordinary one (duh! who releases ordinary ones these days?). Rather it’s–you guessed it!–a Filipina one. And her name is not Barbie; her name is Mutya. ”Mutya” in our local language means princess. The designer, Carlyle Nuera, was inspired by his own family to create this doll. Go Google him if you’re interested. 🙂

According to Nuera, he said his mother was Miss Tacloban in 1976. Amazing! Imagine Tacloban before the aftermath of the two typhoons–beautiful and peaceful. Sadly, there is barely life as lots of residents drowned in the storm. But don’t lose hope: the government is slowly trying to rebuild it! As God said, ”When things fall apart, it’s to make way for better.” Hopefully the ruins will either become history or shine as bright as Manila.

She wears a long gown made of delicate Filipina material and a sun representing the Yellow of our Flag. Sampaguita, our national flower, graces the bottom part of her dress–rather the outside petticoat. Other accessories are her golden toned earrings and bracelet, made out of Filipino shells/any delicate material.

If you’re interested, you can follow Carlyle on his blog here:

Okay fine, this isn’t HIS official one, but here you’ll get to know more about him and what he does for a living. Maybe one day you can even ask him to sculpt a doll looking like you. ❤ We’ll see. That’s my dream.
We're as pretty as each other.
We’re as pretty as each other.

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