Things That Annoy Guys

Remember one of my previous posts about annoying people? Well, here’s another one but it’s about a particular set of people: DUDES.

Dudes are more OC, more prideful, more confident than us girls. They believe everything should be perfect and the slightest thing ticks them off. ”How will I get a boyfriend then and have a perfect relationship?” you may grumble. Sometimes i wonder the same thing too. >.< My annoying behavior can send all of them running into the wilderness pretty often. HAHA

Anyway, keep in mind these things the next time you hang with guys:

1. Keep on checking your phone when out with him. Are we out to Facebook together or to FACE each other?! Put that damn phone in your pocket, sister.

2. Super LOUD music. Oh girls, I have a very bad case of this. Luckily the dudes i hang with don’t mind and are really aware that I’m just the typical fun girl. (Be yourself if needed, okay?) But with others, it’s best to keep it down because, remember, they are OC and need every little detail in their mind fixed.

3. Saying you look ”okay”. Guys spend millions of dollars/time fixing their hair and clothes. How would you feel if you worked hard for something and all you got was ”It’s okay”. Not so good, right?

4. Flirting with other dudes when you’re out. That can lead to a dangerous title called MASTER OF MANIPULATION. Tsk tsk.


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