The Last Five Years: Friday Night Coffee

Last week, I watched this movie called The Last Five Years and it was outstanding! Friday evening after a long day at school. (My only class is math, but when it’s a subject that dreadful, it feels like a looooong looooong day.)

The story centers around marriage: how it starts, how it is when you’re truly enjoying, and how it is when you break up. This is the saddest love story I’ve ever watched and i even shed a tear when it ended. :”( JEREMY JORDAN Y U DO THIS TO ME?? </3 Aren’t all marriages supposed to be happy? Anyway, if you want to know about my boyfriend (sigh! i wish it was real), here’s the link:

Β I’m the type of person who gets hooked to any kind of musical! As in, ANY. πŸ˜€ except if it were a musical about war/boring stuff I would fall asleep. So here are some of my favorite songs!
I Can Do Better Than That: Song focuses on how lovely the world is and how you can be a better person despite your husband’s exes/your own. Cathy tells Jamie all about her exes and why they didn’t work. Sing this to your boyfriend when he’s having a bad day. Warning though: he may not want to know and won’t give a damn so be careful of his mood.
A Part Of That: Makes you feel blessed to be part of your boyfriend’s life. Don’t you notice how you are keen to observe what he does, how he moves, and his success? Well, based on how i deal with my crushes, i think that’ll be our theme song. I love how my future one smiles, laughs, and sings. πŸ™‚
And then he smiles
His eyes light up
And how can I complain?
Yes, he’s insane
But look what he can do
And I’m a part of that
I’m a part of that
I’m a part of that ❀

Nobody Needs To Know: Sad song but i love the emotion. Finally, after years of being married, he changed the ending and felt proud by making his wife hurt. </3 Song still makes me wanna cry when I listen to it. Can’t imagine my future one saying to me, ”Just look at me now” with a wiser and prettier woman than me. 😦

So much feels.
So much feels.



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