Waking Up To Bitter Coffee: Signs you’re not a Morning person

I’m obviously not a morning person, as you can see. The moment i wake up, different thoughts start running towards my head–all the day’s problems come even before the daylight dawns. Since it was the EDSA Holiday yesterday, when I woke up i thought, ”No school…I wish.” But here and everyday it’s time to face reality!

If any of you notice these things about yourself, then you may be like me.

1. You hit the snooze button more than once. Before this thing called College changed my life, I always did, hoping to get 5 more minutes of sleep. But thank God school brought me somewhere I can relate and look forward to something every day.

2. Outfits are always missing one thing, e.g. one sock or my favorite/required part of the uniform: college pin. Mom always requires that I lay my outfit the night before and check if everything is there. (Trust me, doing this does wonders for your skin too. Yep, you heard that right!)

3. Chat is not an option. Even on Saturday mornings, I’d rather not expose my voice for it doesn’t sound like anything a talker would sound like. Usually voice starts to sound normal at 8 AM onwards. (LOL!)

4. No breakfast at home. Back in elementary, my mom made me breakfast in the car. From experience, I’d end up spilling everything all over me for I’d always fall asleep. (Imagine that! HAHA)


What i wear every dayy
What i wear every dayy



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