Over-Iced Frappucino: Annoying things which make you want to go ”GRRRR!!!”

No matter where we are, who we are, what we are–there will always be something that annoys you. Each one has their own different pet peeve. For me, annoying things are overly dramatic people and people who don’t believe in others. Having one of the strongest personalities online (not IRL, don’t worry!) I highly believe in myself and behavior that will help inspire others as well as myself.

Some people get annoyed by noise, some by words, some by just plainly life. (HAHA!) One example of the third is this meme called Grumpy Cat. If you haven’t heard of him, go look at him on this link:


Okay, you done? Such a cutie, isn’t he! My old kitty looked like him and my new one behaves worse than him but i love her nonetheless. These days she’s been in heat and with her constant meowing and wanting to be cuddled, I’ve been giving her everything. #teamnosleep. JUST HATE IT IN THE MORNING WHEN SHE WAKES ME UP WITH ”MEOW MEOW” ‘s. Depends though, it can be really cute. 😉

Here are a few other things that can annoy you:

People walking slowly on the sidewalk. Especially when they are right in front of you.Pretty rude of them.

People not bringing crying, dramatic kids out of the cinema. Sometimes you try to enjoy your peaceful time then the baby crying in front of you/behind you starts so loudly that instead of focusing on the story, you focus on the kid. But I can always rely on my sense of adventure to glisten me up.

No thank-you. Sometimes you do something special for someone then they’ll act like ”I don’t care” but smile vaguely. Thank God the cuties/dammes here in Katipunan are pretty nice and will acknowledge you when you do something nice. Also Rockwell and Shang–you’re not likely to find anyone rude there.

Rude servers. Someone cracked a joke recently and was like ”DI MO ALAM GALANGIN BARISTA MO!” All i asked was to throw the receipt, i.e. ”trash”

Here are some places i like to hang out fyi:

Every Saturday at Eastwood.
Every Saturday at Eastwood.
Korean comfort right at your door step!
Korean comfort right at your door step!

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