Iced Coffee Imported From (wherever!): SUMMER SUMMER!!

Hello, coffee lovers! As we know, it’s summer almost and we’re all so excited. Who among you have plans? Well, I’m one with all of ’em! Maybe swimming everyday, go to my friends’ houses/vacation, and the whole family is planning a trip to Korea. Well, let’s all see.

When we’re stuck at home, not in Korea or some place else, we tend to get bored. Wondering ”What other worthwhile activity can i do?” To be honest, even as a writer, I sometimes get sick and long for a real adventure outside home and away from my computer. (Work never stops!) Whether it be a trip to the mall or someplace far away, I just wanna leave. NOW. FOREVER. (Just kidding.)

Here are some tips to make your summer the best!

1. Make fresh lemonade! Whether it be blue, pink, or even mixed rainbow! Whenever we go to the beach, that can be my treat for my little cousins along with the very famous isaw of my Tita Ginggay!

2. Pick fruit at the farm. If ever they will allow me, I’d like to try new recipes with Batangas’ famous green mango: mango tart and chocolate-mango shake!

3. Vist a national park. Here in the Philippines, it’s rare. And the only one i know is full of mosquitoes and half broken! Maybe i will when i go to America or someplace. Anyway, for those who do, take time to admire the flowers and animals! See how much nature God has given us.

AS USUAL, THE DARE! ❤ xx and remember my commands.




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