Coffee Party: Entertaining people

As obviously all bloggers know, we like to entertain–whether it be in big or small groups. But thank God my blog has spread all over my loads of friends at school, thus i can entertain them 24/7. Oh, and all my internet fans! 🙂

But how do each of us entertain? Sometimes we go through all the internet articles/all our ideas. If all else fails, we grab the latest idea and run away from it. Being a very forgetful person, i need all the help to keep and even one little idea makes me happy. (Go check out how to make ice cubes from flower petals. That was my recent decision.)

Here are some tips to keep the party flowing/even just a simple hangout can turn into a small party:

1. Sing incessantly, whether it be the latest pop song or anything relating to your situation. My classmates always have a karaoke party with me, the Aspiring Concert Queen. (Haha!) Just make sure not to do it in front of dudes or they’ll get turned off.

2. Mow your lawn with scissors. That’ll take up a whole afternoon. For your lemonade or refreshing drink, I recommend once again the ice cubes with petals in it. (Or you can try great ideas like Mickey Mouse shapes or glowing lights inside!)

3. Prank calls–the different kind. While your friend is on the phone, reply to all their statements. HAHAHA! It’ll drive them crazy and do whatever they can. Just watch out though for the grumpy ones, they may not forgive you over time.

AS USUAL, MY DARE. ❤ xx don’t forget to recommend this to easily bored friends!!




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