The Last Remaining Crumbs: Not-So-Pleasant Bikini Wax

Growing up, body hair was always an issue for us, whether it be on your underarms, legs, arms (luckily for me, not on my arms!), or in the hidden areas. Up to now, when we want to look good in a swimsuit the hair down there can be a bother and embarrassment. Heard horrifying stories of girls experiencing that awkward moment. To make it less painful (and probably embarrassing, minus the screaming and shouting!) here are some tips.

Disclaimer: I haven’t gotten a bikini wax and never will. Maybe more like NEVER EVER. This is just for the girls who read my blog and are thinking about it.

1. Exfoliate in between waxing to remove ingrown hairs. That is, if you’re doing it yourself at home. But the ladies from my experience with my underarms/legs will be willing to do so!

2. Let them know any health conditions you have, e.g. allergies or your period. NEVER do it on your period because you’ll end up messing up the bed and having to have someone clean something that came from that little hole. Yuck! One of the customers of one parlor had their bikini areas waxed and swear, needed a catheter after her area started to swell up.

3. Don’t take alcohol or whatever after your waxing for it can stimulate the pores. As stated in the previous sentence, it can make your area swell up. You wouldn’t want a catheter inside you just after the time you wanted to relax/redness can show through the swimsuit.

THE DARE HA. ❤ xx don’t forget to recommend this to your beach-loving friends, beach loving babies! xD



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