Strawberry Macchiato: Crushes, crushes

Good morning! 🙂 As most girls know, it’s not weird to get highly attracted to someone. Sometimes we get highly mistaken and think we’re so in love that we do the strangest stuff. From experience, i constantly do and hope they’ll get the hint. But i’m just like any normal girl, so here are some stuff we do when we like someone:

1. Constantly checking your phone, especially when you and bae chat on a regular basis. When bae doesn’t reply, you feel disappointed and wonder, ”When will he ever?” It gets on a deeper level for me, which probably we will discuss later.


2. Friends constantly tease you about him when he comes back–usually by tickling or whispering the name. Since I go to an all girls school, there’s rarely a chance. But in high school, they’d poke my sides when his name was called. xD

3. You play Flames or Love Calculator. I swear I’ve done this a million times, especially in elementary school when they were popular.

AS USUAL MY DARE! ❤ don’t forget to recommend it to your madly in love friends ❤ xx


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