Friendship Drops! They are like whipped cream on coffee. <3

Happy Friendship Month! To celebrate it, I’ve jotted down 7 new movies for you. ❤ They aren’t any ordinary movies, rather movies about friends. 🙂

But before this post, I want to ask you guys, what is a friend for you? For me, he/she is someone I can hang out with and depend on for everything, whether it’s the latest sobfest, to comfort me when I’m stressed, a hug when I want someone to be with. (Being the baby, I long for hugs outside my family pretty often!)

1. Friends With Benefits. (For some reason, you better go check it out yourself. 😉

2. When Harry Met Sally. Two friends that met in New York City, feelings during the chase continuing for 9 years.

3. Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion. 2 friends that impress a lie to save their lives. Funny that they go to the reunion wearing stuff not supposed to!

My cousin Malec is my best friend!
My cousin Malec is my best friend!

Dare for the rest though: you guys go research and recommend! Also don’t forget to show this to your friends for movie nights, girls’ nights out. ❤ xx


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