Fiona The Skunk. <3 Cuteness Overload!!!!

It’s normal to see lots and lots of cuteness overloads on the internet these days (e.g. little girl not wanting her brother to grow up, another one sad she deleted a picture, puppies playing in leaves–add more charm for it was my favorite kind of dog!). But just this morning, as I was scrolling through (go follow her too, if you know who owns the blog. Sssshhh! Clue: she looks like Katy Perry)

I found this little one named Fiona the Skunk. She’s a home-raised skunk (what an idea! Come to think of it, I may try raising one and blogging about her.) who lives with her owner named Christopher. Something just crossed my mind: what if she and my cat lived together? HAHA i imagine they’d be fighting over a plastic bag just like this little fella (or since she’s a girl, fellina.)

Enjoy guys! Don’t forget to subscribe to her other vids/of course this blog. ❤ After you watch show it to your younger siblings for a good relaxing Sunday.


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