Adult Meltdowns

There are also my not-so-good days. You know what I’m talking about? Days where I want to cry and sit all day. Days where I feel nothing is going right and I just want to curl up and stay under my blankets for a few years. That’s one of the main reasons i started this blog: to brighten people’s days like a big butter ball sun. (Listen to the song on YouTube: Don’t Rain On My Parade)

I have 10 tips here to help you get through it/control your emotions before they get worse.

1. Take a time out. This thing helps especially whenever you said something terrible and wonder ”What can i do to make it up?”

2. Have a Tickle Fest! Whenever you’re tickled, it can help you release your terrible emotions and endorphins (hormones that make you happy!). Find someone like a friend or even a pet.

3. Keep yourself balanced. Try a spa/massage, drink water, count 1 to 10–anything that makes you calm down.

GRRR!! but not for long.

DARE! Research on the remaining yourself. 😉 And don’t forget to recommend this post to your negative friends!!


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